Zader and Zarriss in P3 AAT (9% – 1.15m Damage) | Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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First trial of Zeta Vader lead with Zarris in P3 AAT Heroic raid, not the best score but we might be going somewhere.
Zarriss helps Shoretrooper gain health off crits

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SWGOH Darth Vader Gear 11 Zeta
SWGOH Barriss Offee Gear 11 Zeta
SWGOH Tie Fighter Pilot Gear 11
SWGOH Darth Maul Zeta (Not relevant here) Gear 11
SWGOH Shoretrooper Gear 11


Intro/Outro Music:
– Casin by Glue70

– Vivaldi – Spring