VAPORWALK ♪ Grunt Wave 40 | #StayHome with lofi hip hop and vaporwave chill beats #WithMe

#StayHome and Vaporwalk #WithMe ≅ This 40th edition of Grunt Wave features some of the best Epidemic sound vaporwave, chillhop and lofi hip hop beats, curated beats to relax, study, chill and work to.
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≅ Grunt Wave features visual representations of the smoothest lofi hip hop, vaporwave and chill hop beats, perfect to help you work, chill or fall asleep.
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00:00 Jojo Avery – Cypher
02:28 Matt Large – As real as it gets
04:59 Yomoti – Before chill
07:05 SINY – Teahouse event
09:28 Matt Large – Tokyo Highball
11:56 Bonkers Beat Club – TriPLe Payout
14:21 Jojo Avery – Break that
16:32 Osoku – Vapour
19:10 Yomoti – Midnight Vibe
21:08 Matt Large – Blue Nights and Yellow Days
23:24 Lupus Nocte – Fugent
26:10 Matt Large – Everyday Hustle
28:24 Gabriel Lucas – Moonlight Night

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⚖️ License information:
– Featured tracks are licensed through Epidemic sounds.
– Footage used are licensed through Envato, or Pexels.
– Character illustration and animation by Sandrotsk

We try to feature best of lofi hip hop mix of 2020, and the best lofi hip hop type beat, with some chill beats to relax to.

Some of the featured tracks are Epidemic sound! lofi music or grunt wave isn’t only about anime hip hop instrumental beats, anime beats or relaxing music for working at home.

Grunt Wave 40 features a tokyo lofi mood, japan lofi compilation is Grunt Wave 24 if you’d like to get more tokyo city lofi beats.
I cannot really categorize this as a retrowave compilation or vaporwave compilation, but I am sure there is no lofi asmr here!