Trappin’ with Shakespeare – Cymbeline 1913 | Rare Wave

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Trappin’ with Shakespeare – Cymbeline edition | Phonk, vapor trap, experimental visual mixtape |

TF is that movie?
A romantic tale from Shakespeare’s late career, concerning the trials of the virtuous Princess Imogen

Cymbeline, the King of Britain, is angry that his daughter Imogen has chosen a poor (but worthy) man for her husband. So he banishes Posthumus, who goes to fight for Rome. Imogen (dressed as a boy) goes in search of her husband, who meanwhile has boasted to his pal Iachimo that Imogen would never betray him. And Iachimo’s determined to prove him wrong.

1. 0:00 Iso Indies – yin and yang
2. 3:14 Tilden Parc – Real Thing
3. 5:59 Xavy Rusan – Curve Ball
4. 9:14 Tilden Parc – Inn my head
5. 12:02 Xavy Rusan – Type Beat
6. 14:00 Xavy Rusan – Factory Rims
7. 17:05 Iso Indies – On My Way Up
8. 20:03 Bonkers beat club – s tab me in the back
Video Credits
Wild Grunt | Editing, Videography

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Thanks Ryan Celsius for the motivation through Trappin in Japan!