The End of Luke’s Meta: CLS, Zolo & ATF – Meta Over? | Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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3 Arena battles completely destroying the meta Commander Luke Skylwalker team. Coming up against the reworked Rebels, can they be the new meta?

Squads used are below:
SWGOH General Kenobi G11
SWGOH R2D2 G11 (Both Zetas)
SWGOH Barriss Offee G11 (Zeta)
SWGOH Darth Nihilus G11 (No Zeta)
SWGOH Ezra Bridger G11

SWGOH Commander Luke Skywalker G11 (No Zeta)
SWGOH R2D2 G11 (Zeta on number crunch) G11
SWGOH Princess Leia (No zeta) G11
SWGOH OG Han Solo (Zeta) G11
SWGOH General Kenobi G11
SWGOH Old Ben G11
SWGOH Ahsoka Tano Fulcrum G11


Intro/Outro Music:
– Casin by Glue70

– Culture Code – Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [Tobu Remix] NCS Release
– Jim Yosef – Link [NCS Release]