SWGOH | Galaxy of Clones Part 2 – Emperor’s Edition (Landslide Victory)

Arena match vs. RJ_Brando to test effectiveness of Emperor Palpatine’s under clones (Rex) lead teams on offense
Guild: TNR Mace Windex

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Star wars galaxy of heroes Arena battles – finding the best meta team
SWGOH Rex Gear 11
SWGOH Emperor Palpatine Gear 10
SWGOH Aayla Secura Gear 10
SWGOH Fives Gear 10
SWGOH Sun Fac Gear 10

SWGOH Emperor Palpatine Gear 9
SWGOH Royal Guard Gear 10
SWGOH Aayla Secura Gear 10
SWGOH Darth Vader Gear 10
SWGOH B2 super battle droid Gear 10

Music: Antonio Vivaldi – Concerto in C major Op.8 No.12