Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mods Explained! Guide

So Mods have just dropped, and we are all confused as to what everything means and how to hit the ground running with this new and exciting feature! I have collated all the information you need to make informed decisions as to which mods you are looking for!

So firstly, the following image shows each of the 6 different mod shapes and which primary stats they can potentially roll with.


As you can notice, the shapes on the left hand side of the mod board below (Square/Diamond/Circle) have fewer roll options, so you are more likely to get what you are looking for. For example, the primary stat on a square-shaped mod will always be offence. The right hand side shapes (Arrow/Triangle/Plus) have many more options and therefore it will require more tries to get the right combination. The image below shows one of my completed Mod boards (For Jedi Knight Anakin for those of you that want to know!) and here you can see how the set bonuses work. I have 2 health type mods and that gives me one set bonus. The offence set bonus requires 4 instead of 2 so my other 4 are of the offence type in order to trigger that bonus too! I have also levelled them all to 15 to activate the max set bonus. (As an aside, the colour of each mod is based on its level and goes white, green, blue, purple and gold, just like gear).


Another thing you can see on this picture is that each of the Mods is 5*. This only effects the power of the mod, so a 1* mod will provide much lower primary stat bonus than a 5*. Currently the mod battles offer 1* and 2* mods and the mod challenges offer 3*, 4* and 5*. Below you can see what I was talking about before with the set bonuses, the icon on a mod represents the set bonus it contributes towards and has no bearing on the primary stat roll on that mod.


It’s important to note that these bonuses stack, so if you had 6 health type mods maxed the total set bonus would be 15%.

To summarise, try not to get confused by all the information and symbols everywhere, it’s actually pretty simple. Follow these steps to work out what you want:

  1. The first thing I would do is decide which of the set bonuses you want. It’s very early on but so far I have been doing 1 health and 1 offence bonus for most heroes as a good compromise. This tells you where you need to farm the mod from. Ideally you want to get the 5* mods from the challenges but if you don’t have the characters to do that then the 2* from battles will do fine.
  2. You need to fill all 6 slots. If you do some challenges and don’t get the shape you are looking for, you can do a mod battle for the exact shape/type combination so that you at least have something to activate your set bonuses.
  3. Once you have your set bonuses and slots filled, you are on farm mode. Work out what your BiS (Best in Slot) primary roll is, and check if the one you have just got matches. Keep trying until you get that roll. This will a longer term farm as from challenges you get a random shape and a random primary.
  4. It depends how much spare currency you have, but if you are struggling I wouldn’t max level your mods until you have BiS rolls.
  5. Finally the long term grind is the secondary stats. To get the most ideal secondary stats will take a crazy amount of farming, so for now I wouldn’t worry about it as they don’t provide a crazy amount of bonus to those stats anyway.

I hope this helps you get started, and may the odds be ever in your favour!!