Spooky Wave ≅ Halloween Lofi Hip Hop Phonk Special / DJ Denz / Grunt Wave

Need some spooky lofi hip hop beats this Halloween? Let’s see if this 30 minutes of lofi, phonk and trap Grunt Wave is what you’re looking for!
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#lofi #halloween #spooky
– Beats by DJ Denz The Rooster
– Video edit by Wild Grunt

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🎶 Track List
00:00 DJ Denz The Rooster – Jack in the music box
03:14 DJ Denz The Rooster – Halloween Clown Circus
07:26 DJ Denz The Rooster – Autumn Mornings and Winter Nights
11:35 DJ Denz The Rooster – Living Life
15:40 DJ Denz The Rooster – Straight Shooter
19:12 DJ Denz The Rooster – Christmas Trapping
22:30 DJ Denz The Rooster – We Back Baby
25:31 DJ Denz The Rooster – Other Worlds
28:03 DJ Denz The Rooster – Thanksgiving Dinner

⚖️ License information:
– Music is licensed through ES (Use their beats in your content): https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/k5yj9f/
– Footage ported from MTV Halloween specials from the 1980s.
– All footage other featured in this video is licensed through Envato and Pexels.

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