SERENITY≅ GRUNTWAVE 43 ft. DJ Denz The Rooster | lofi hip hop serenity beats

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≅ Gruntwave (Grunt Wave) 43 ≅ SERENITY – featuring 24 minutes, 7 tracks by DJ Denz The Rooster.
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This #chill episode will take you to #japan 🇯🇵 #canada🇨🇦 and #california 🇺🇸⠀
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🎧 Featured tracks by DJ Denz The Rooster:
00:00 DJ Denz The Rooster – Tokyo Skyline
02:41 DJ Denz The Rooster – Tokyo Glass Elevators
05:58 DJ Denz The Rooster – Hollywood H otel
14:19 DJ Denz The Rooster – Hour time is ours
16:53 DJ Denz The Rooster – Funk Love
20:18 DJ Denz The Rooster – Top of the CN Tower

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