Rise of The Clone (Arena Trials vs. Zader and Zaul) | Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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Five Arena battles featuring the rise of the Clone – Rex Meta in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes against Darth Vader Zeta and Darth Maul Zeta.

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SWGOH Rex Gear 11
SWGOH General Kenobi Gear 11
SWGOH Chirruit Gear 11
SWGOH Baze Malbus Gear 11
SWGOH Boba Fett Gear 11

SWGOH Darth Maul Zeta Gear 11
SWGOH Barriss Offee Zeta Gear 10
SWGOH Baze Malbus Gear 11
SWGOH Emperor Palpatine Gear 11
SWGOH Tie Fighter Pilot Gear 11
SWGOH Shoretrooper Gear 11
SWGOH Darth Vader Zeta Gear 11

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Intro/Outro Music:
– Casin by Glue70

– Epic Sax Guy [Electro & House/Dubstep] Mix 2013 [Fischii325]