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🎶 Track List
00:00 Wash ‘n’ Set – Private Play (original video directed by Richard Kern)

Wash ‘n’ Set is a collaboration between Ashley Sebok and Nicole Franzen, childhood friends that grew up in Miami and moved to NYC together. For Private Play, the duo worked with producer Ibe on the music and creative director Kalika Farmer for the video production. Edited by William Doyle and Directed by Richard Kern

02:43 Gamma Skies – Where my heart is
Epidemic Sounds

6:13 The Loyalist – Sushi Garden

8:20 Pold – Fly

11:03 Pyrosion – Road Trip

14:19 Seekat – Jeune Lou

19:31 Lonov – Heart Mending
24:40 Lime Sauce – Outside my Window

28:28 Pold – Summer Vibe

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– Footage (other than “Private Play”) is licensed through Envato or Pexels, or public domain (internet archive).