Mega Arena Trials: Galaxy of Pilots | Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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6 top end arena Star wars galaxy of heroes battles – against teams featuring Biggs, Wedge or Tie fighter pilot

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SWGOH Rex Gear 11
SWGOH Emperor Palpatine Gear 10
SWGOH Lando Calrissian Gear 11
SWGOH Jedi Knight Anakin Gear 11
SWGOH Sun Fac Gear 10

SWGOH Emperor Palpatine Gear 11
SWGOH Tie Pilot Gear 11
SWGOH Shoretrooper Gear 10
SWGOH Scarif Rebel Pathfinder Gear 10
SWGOH B2 Super Battle Droid Gear 10
SWGOH Darth Vader Gear 11


Intro/Outro Music:
– Casin by Glue70

– Carnival Overture by Dvořák