How To Defeat The Nighsisters in Arena? | Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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How to defeat the annoying nightsisters team in arena using the Zarriss Kenobi hold squad.

Squads used are below:
SWGOH General Kenobi G12
SWGOH Grand Admiral Thrawn G12 (Zeta Unique)
SWGOH Barriss Offee G12 (Zeta)
SWGOH Darth Nihilus G12 (Zeta Unique)
SWGOH Hermit Yoda G11

SWGOH Mother Talzin G12
SWGOH Barriss Offee Zeta G12
SWGOH Old Daka G12
SWGOH Asajj Ventress G12
SWGOH Nightsister Zombie G8
SWGOH General Kenobi G12


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