Grunt Plays: Mini Motorways (Apple Arcade) | with lofi hip hop / chillhop beats

Grunt Plays Mini Motorways (Apple Arcade): Game and chill with the smoothest lofi hip hop, vaporwave and chill hop beats, perfect to help you work, chill or fall asleep.
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Intro/ glue70 – Casin
1/ Maiwan – Cho
2/ Ealot – Detour
3/ Giants’ Nest – Fly Shroom
4/ Mantell – Foregone Conclusions
5/ Gamma Skies – Mexico
6/ Ealot – No Time for Mornings
7/ Velveteen – Talk Til We Drop

Tracks/artists are credited on screen as the track plays.

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โš–๏ธ License information:
– Featured tracks in this video are licensed through Epidemic Sounds
– Featured in video art: Hey Duggee