General Mod Guide for Toons

Since mods have dropped, a lot of people were wondering how they should go about modding their arena/raid teams. Issue most of you probably have is the lack of available mods since they are not guaranteed drops nor will you get the correct stats right away. Of the 6 mod slots available, only three of them are basically fixed on what the primary can get (square, diamond, circle). The other 3 however have a much higher variety of possible primary stats that can cause you lots of headaches to farm.


Mods can have up to four secondaries stats. These are all the ones mentioned in the above image PLUS flat amounts that once existed for primaries (ex. +X offense). Mods gain a new secondary stat at lvl 3, 6, 9, and 12. If a mod already has 4 secondaries and reaches one of the lvl where it would normally get a new stat, an existing secondary stat will get boosted. Generally a lvl 1 mod already has secondary stats will have stronger secondaries at max level compare to one that did not have starting secondaries. Some of the more popular secondaries are potency, tenacity, crit %, and offense %.

Below are the ideal mods for characters divided into three types (Damage, Tank, Utility). I only list mods for Arrow, Triangle, and Cross since they can have a different variety of primaries:


Arrow: Speed >> Offence % > Accuracy %
Triangle: Crit % = Crit Damage
Cross: Offence %
Set Bonuses Options: Speed, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Offence

This is your Rey, JKA, QGJ, GS, Leia. Generally you want to kill your opponent’s damage source before they can hit back. Speed is the most important attribute to give your damage dealers. Besides that, stack Crit %/Dmg and Offence %.

Arrow: Health % = Protection % > Critical Avoidance
Triangle: Health % = Protection %
Cross: Tenacity % = Protection % = Health % > Potency
Set Bonuses Options: Health, Defense, Tenacity, Potency

This is mainly your tanks such as Royal Guard, ST Han, Sun Fac, Fives. Royal Guard is probably the one tank that is OK for stacking as much health and protection as you can. For ST Han, it might be ideal to include potency for higher chance of landing the TM reductions whenever he gets hit. Sun Fac should just be carrying as much tenacity as he can since his only true counter is stuns. For Fives, he benefits greatly with tenacity since a lot of teams will want to stun him before whittling him down.

Arrow: Speed
Triangle: Health % = Protections %
Cross: Potency % = Tenacity %
Set Bonuses Options: Potency, Tenacity, Speed, Health

There’s a large range of heroes that fit the utility role such as Ewok Elder, Daka, Teebo, Phasma. Any toons that rely on hitting debuffs SHOULD carry potency in their cross slot. What good is your utility if it isn’t latching. Those that rely on buffs/heals/TM boosts should carry tenacity %. Ewok Elder is a great example of someone who benefits greatly with tenacity mods/bonuses since he is more likely to withstand debuffs so he can keep generating TM for your team. If you are running any healers, they should be stacking health since their heals are based on their it.


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