chill hop ♪ G R U N T W A V E¹⁵

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▶️ Grunt Wave: lofi hip hop tunes/chill beats to work, play and relax to.
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00:00 bonkers beat club – stab me in the back
02:58 jobii – water lilly
05:16 tilden parc – all day
08:32 guustavv – asparuhgus
11:10 _91nova – houston bbq
13:21 pandaraps – conundrums
15:54 apollo feat.homebody – away from home
19:40 osaku – soda
22:47 siny – shokawa
25:16 epidemic sound – summer girl
27:46 guustavv – skating through the city

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– Featured art in this video is licensed through Epidemic Sounds

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