Best of Lofi Beats โ‰… Chill music / Relaxing Playlist / Grunt Wave

Happy Weekend, enjoy this best of lofi hip hop beats compilation!
This half hour Grunt Wave playlist will take you on a chill music trip featuring beats by Barradeen.
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00:10 Barradeen โ€” i can’t take my eyes out of you (McCoy Tyner sample)
01:27 Barradeen โ€” save my life again
03:45 Barradeen โ€” kanari
05:35 Barradeen โ€” in one place…
06:52 Barradeen โ€” mine cafe
08:55 Barradeen โ€” a warm wind at 20p.m.
10:25 Barradeen โ€” N i g h t T e a
12:10 Barradeen โ€” i fell in love with a girl
14:05 Barradeen โ€” life with you
15:35 Barradeen โ€” i want to meet you
18:29 Barradeen โ€” Summer Coffee
20:30 Barradeen โ€” you’re thinking about that person again
21:50 Barradeen โ€” un cielo de distancia
23:42 Barradeen โ€” calm
25:15 Barradeen โ€” emotional
26:40 Barradeen โ€” first girl talking to me.
28:05 Barradeen โ€” not giving up on me
30:02 Barradeen โ€” a distant hug
31:45 Barradeen โ€” sleepy blossoms.

Tracks/artists are credited on screen as the track plays.

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