GALACTIC SOUNDS ≅ GRUNTWAVE ♪ Chill-out / Relax / Grunt

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≅ #Gruntwave features the smoothest lofi hip hop music and jazzy beats to relax, study or sleep to.
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≅ Gruntwave: lofi hip hop tunes / vapor wave chill beats to work, play and relax to. 🎮 Curated tunes for studying, working, and gaming.
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Featuring the best of Lo-fi music and Chill-out music.

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🎶 Tracklist
00:00 glue70-Casin
00:26 Harvio – A Happy Place
04:02 Giants Nest – After Midnyte
07:22 Chaxti – Auroras of Autumn
10:44 Ookean – Everblue
13:50 Snake City – Closure (What I want)
16:45 Harvio – Gambling Bonnie
19:48 Luftmensch – Goals
22:50 Ookean – Fjords
26:08 Maiwan – Hate For You To Go
31:00 Lonov – Heart Mending

Featured music and artwork are uploaded after obtaining licenses from the copyright holders.
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We try to feature best of lofi hip hop mix of 2020, and the best lofi hip hop type beat, with some chill beats to relax to.

🤔 Can I use this in my YouTube videos?
≅ Gruntwave sometimes features royalty free music, non copyrighted music 2020 licensed through the respective owners.
No copyright music doesn’t mean you can always use it without permission as music for content creators; as some of them require creating an account like Chillhop and ES.

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